Schilder von Ernst und Max Kreul
Guadagnini stefan und gunter gunter stefan kreul Max Kreul

The tradition-steeped workshop of master violin maker Stefan Kreul, where his great-great-grandfather Ernst Kreul already began making musical instruments in 1889, is still today a source of first-class cellos. Special attention is paid to newly crafted reincarnations of historical instruments, alongside the development of custom-designed models.

Master violin maker Kreul is specialised in the making of special instruments to individual customer specifications, i.e. with contours, arching heights, scale lengths, etc. matched exactly to the musician's preferences. Several cello models can thus also be offered between sizes 7/8 and 4/4.

The broad range of instruments comprises over twenty 4/4 cello models, from an unusually slender new design through to the widest Montagnana model.


Cello models from Stefan Kreul

Model “Ernst Kreul 1889”

Model “Max Kreul” (slender model)

Model “Del Gesu” (enlarged violin)

Model “Antonio Stradivari”, size 76 (also as 75.5 & 75)

Model “G.B. Guadagnini”

Model “Domenico Montagnana”, size 74

Model “Domenico Montagnana”, size 76

Model “Pietro Guarneri”

Model “Schneider's Matteo Gofriller”

Model “Hendrik Jacobs”

Model “Matthias Klotz”

Model “G.P. Maggini”

Model “Stefan Kreul” (slender top end, scale length 68)

Model with shortened scale length, 39cm body scale, 27.3cm neck scale (all models)

Model 7/8, size 72

Model “Ergonomic” designed according to the ergonomic needs and wishes of the cellist

These are my preferred cello models. They were chosen to achieve the maximum possible tone diversity (with their different volumes, sizes, contours and arching). Playability and response differ between the individual models, which enables every cellist to find his or her own perfect instrument. All other recognised cello models can be reproduced in terms of form, arching and varnish.

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