The master workshop

Gunter und Stefan Kreul Brandstempel verhobeln Werkstatt von oben Griff ausschneiden Zargen biegen

In the little workshop in Markneukirchen, instruments satisfying the highest demands are hand-made in accordance with traditional craft methods. When doing so, master violin maker Stefan Kreul is able to draw upon more than 120 years of experience in instrument making.

Our master-crafted instruments are made exclusively from the best, seasoned tonewoods. For the back, ribs and neck, we use mainly exquisitely flamed Bosnian maple, together with slowly and evenly grown mountain spruce for the top.

Through regular purchases, we have built up a stock of the most varied tonewoods (spruce, maple, bird's-eye maple, poplar, willow, etc.). The different woods are important to achieve different tone characters.

To help underline the individual appearance of a cello, I offer a variety of hand-made varnish finishes (from full varnish to shaded or antiqued) using selected natural resins. The varnish is applied layer by layer with a brush. In loving craft work, each individual cello is given its own special note.

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