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Master craftsman's workshop over five generations

Ernst Karl Kreul senior

  • Master violin maker, Fleissen and Markneukirchen
  • born 27.01.1865 in Fleissen/Bohemia
  • died 13.12.1948 in Markneukirchen.

Ernst Karl Kreul served as apprentice under master violin maker Vinzenz Lutz in Schönbach/Bohemia from 1.11.1879 to 1.11.1881. He later worked for Wilhelm Ficker (also magistrate) in Markneukirchen and for Ernst Gläsel. In 1889, he established his own business in Markneukirchen.

The photo above shows the workshop at Erlbacher Str. 38 around 1910. In the centre: Workshop founder Ernst Karl Kreul senior.

Ernst Max Kreul

  • Master violin maker, Markneukirchen
  • born 26.08.1892 in Markneukirchen
  • died 04.04.1957 in Schöneck

Ernst Max Kreul passed his journeyman's examination in Markneukirchen on 30.04.1910, after a three-year apprenticeship with his father Ernst Karl Kreul. He later obtained his master violin maker's certificate on 12.07.1924, similarly in Markneukirchen. Max Kreul was widely acclaimed for his high-quality cellos.

Walter Ernst Kreul junior

  • Master violin maker, Markneukirchen
  • born 22.06.1895 in Markneukirchen
  • died 12.10.1944 during an air raid in Berlin-Spandau

Son and pupil of Ernst Karl Kreul senior. He worked for Julius Heinrich Zimmermann in Leipzig before starting up on his own in Markneukirchen from 1929. He passed his master craftsman's examination in Markneukirchen on 16.10.1920.

Rudi Kreul

  • Master violin maker, Markneukirchen
  • born 03.01.1925 in Markneukirchen
  • died 19.11. 2010 in Dröbak/Norway

Rudi first completed an apprenticeship with his uncle Max Kreul in Markneukirchen. At a West Berlin export exhibition in 1950, he then made the acquaintance of a Norwegian dealer. The contact to this dealer helped him to start a new life in Norway, where he opened a workshop. He was later co-proprietor of the musical instrument store "Hornaas Musikk AS"

Rudi & Stefan Kreul in Dröbak/Norway

Today: Gunter & Stefan Kreul

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